Work at height

Falls from height are still one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries in the construction industry. Chalcroft pays considerable attention to all work at height (WAH) activities and we firstly strongly enforce the need to avoid working at height. If work at height is required, the right equipment and controls must be in place, utilised and complied to.

Chalcroft can assist in providing key advice to subcontractors in assessing and managing their work at height activities through co-ordination meetings, plant supplier contacts, guidance on training and instructions, permits and assistance in writing risk assessments and method statements.

Chalcroft also provides free work at height training to subcontractors within our supply chain and we are working with iAS (International Accreditation Society) in their Learn to Prevent campaign.

Feel free to browse some key industry information on managing and controlling working at height and an example of Chalcroft’s WAH permit: